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Guest Writer Lucky Draw!!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Comment down below if you want to join the lucky draw. The winner will be a guest writer for a week, and you can write as many posts as you want!

Here are the requirements:

  1. You participate in at least one chat

  2. You bought at least one piece

  3. You are a subscriber

  4. You have the code

If you meet these requirements, you may continue to the next step. Your comment layout should be like this:

*Name: (Name)

Email: (Email)

Number of letters in the code: (Use dots (.) to represent one count)

Number pf symbols &/or numbers in the code: (Use dots (.) to represent one count)

I have been in at least one chat, I have bought at least one piece, and I am a subscriber.

I have emailed my code to

Your email layout should be like this:

Subject: Code confirmation for Event no. 18

Name: (Same as comment's name)

Code: (Code)

Link to meowart:

Here are the slots in the lottery:


  2. (Free)

  3. (Free)

  4. (Free)

  5. (Free)

  6. (Free)

  7. (Free)

  8. (Free)

  9. (Free)

  10. (Free)

You can send a email or comment your comment confirmation*, but your

email code must be emailed. If you need a code, you have to meet requirements 1-3, and you must be part of the sharing chat to know the code.

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It’s so glad to be a guest writer by Meowart team. I saw all your art works just now. You do so nice! Good for you!

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